Esquire Theme by Matthew Buchanan
Social icons by Tim van Damme



Esquire Theme v1.6

Quick theme update to add a couple of often-requested features: the photo frame border surround on photo posts and photosets can be optionally disabled, and YouTube is now listed among the social networks. I’ve also added optional display of short URLs, support for static pages, icons for Tumblr’s Ask and Submission features and one or two other minor fixes. The latest file is linked on the left using a static page redirect.



Esquire Theme v1.5

Tonight I submitted a major update to Tumblr for approval, it should appear in the next little while in the Theme Garden. Version 1.5 includes much better support for the Disqus plugin (just enter your shortname in the Appearance settings), album art display for audio posts, and an alternative style for quotes (Pete’s zigzag JavaScript wizardry has proven somewhat temperamental). If you can’t wait, the new theme file is here.



Esquire Theme v1.4

I’ve submitted version 1.4 to the Theme Garden, with support for Tumblr’s new boolean and text tags, which means much easier control over output of social media links, etc. If you can’t wait for it there, grab it here.



Tips for customising Esquire Theme



Esquire Theme for Tumblr

Esquire is a free Tumblr theme by Matthew Buchanan, inspired by the art direction of Esquire magazine and released 18 March 2009 under Creative Commons. It features support for custom theme colours, followers list, post notes, and social network affiliations.

To install the theme on your Tumblr site, copy the contents of esquire-theme-1-4.txt into the Custom HTML field of the Customize area on your Tumblr Dashboard.

My sincere thanks to Peter Asquith for building the zig-zag quote script after I mentioned it on Twitter , and to Tim van Damme for allowing me to use and slightly modify his gorgeous social networking icons (there’s 10 available in the theme file).

Email feedback to hello at my domain name, and drop a tip in the jar if you like it.

Update: Version 1.4 of the theme file supports Tumblr’s new boolean and text tags for easy control of social media links, etc.